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Fancy some exciting mathematics?

Do you want to learn math and solve math problems in a new way? Then solving math problems online at Mathefritz is just the thing for you! With the growing demand for digital learning opportunities, it is now even easier to engage with math and improve your skills. Whether you’re a student looking to complete your homework or an adult looking to brush up on your math skills, solving math problems online offers you an exciting and interactive way to improve your math skills.

How Mathefritz is structured

Mathefritz offers math problems from elementary school through high school to the Abitur.

With a variety of online resources, such as interactive tasks, puzzles, quizzes and the classic PDF sheets to print out, here you will find customized formats for your tasks. From basic addition and subtraction in elementary school to complex equations and mathematical problem solving, there is something for everyone. Use our simple and intuitive user interfaces to turn math into an exciting adventure.

What do you want to achieve in math?

Whether you want to get better at math or just want to have fun learning, solving math problems online with us offers you a rewarding and successful way to develop your math skills. Try it today and experience the fun of learning in a new and exciting way!

solve math problems online

Math problems: Advantages of online learning

Solving math problems online offers several advantages:

  • You can check the result directly and see whether you have calculated correctly.
  • Use your usual devices such as tablet computer or smartphone. However, we recommend practicing with a tablet. This gives you the larger screen.
  • Depending on the topic, you can also access other apps or websites to continue practicing. e.g. your school’s learning management system.

Interactive math problems:
Can you read the time?

Learn to read the time correctly with Mathefritz, the bee or one of our other characters to choose from.

Visit our huge portfolio of materials with math problems for the 2nd grade of elementary school.


Interactive clock online with the bee

With the interactive clock online, you can set the clock directly or just display the current time.
We have many different layouts and watch models for you on the details page!

Our tools and resources for solving math problems

We use various tools and apps to solve math problems online and to learn and understand math:

  • Interactive tasks or interactive apps such as our interactive clock or the online protractor were programmed with Javascript.
  • We use the Plotly libraries for 3D animations in the coordinate system.
  • To display functions and functional equations in math problems, we use, which you probably already know from class!
  • We create tasks with interactive elements such as drag and drop with H5P.
  • Of course, we also offer you the classic PDF documents as a download. You can also import task sheets into a writing program such as GoodNotes, for example, and calculate in the classic way with a pen.
  • Technology does not stand still. Let’s see how we can solve math problems online soon.
Math tasks online tools

Math problems by class – overview

This overlay is still under construction. We have only completed a small part.

Elementary school 1st grade

  • We learn to write numbers
  • We count things
  • We calculate until 20
  • We read numbers

Elementary school 2nd grade

  • We learn the time
  • We learn the basics
  • We calculate up to 100
  • The hundreds table

Elementary school 4th grade

  • Arithmetic up to 1 million
  • Written multiplication
  • Written division
  • Text tasks

Fit for grammar school

Are you ready for the transition from elementary school to secondary school?

Coming soon!

Grade 5 – 10 + upper level math analysis, vector calculus analytic geometry, …

Math problems basics:
Can you do the multiplication tables?

Visit our huge portfolio of interactive exercises
and math problems for all multiplication tables!

Learn multiplication tables math problems

Solve math problems – Current

Learn to tell the time

Learn to tell the time Tips, online exercisesand free learning appsfor your successLearn to tell the time: Find out how you can learn to read the clock quickly and effectively. Practical tips, online exercises, games and the "Telling the time" exercise book will help...

Interactive clock online

Interactive clock online The adjustable clockLearn to tell the timeThe interactive clock now also has a real-time mode. In real time mode, the current time of your surroundings is displayed.Adjustable clock for learning - learning the time made easy Children learn to...

TI-30X Prio Mathprint IQB calculator – Instructions

TI-30X Prio IQB pocket calculatorfor the Abitur from 2030The Texas Instruments IQB pocket calculator   From the 2030 examination year, only calculators certified by the IQB in Berlin will be permitted in Abitur examinations. The IT-30X Prio MathPrint(TM) is the...

Math exercises, online exercises
and more resources by topic

Tasks Basic arithmetic operations

Basic arithmetic operations

Geometry math problems


Primary school homework icon

Primary school tasks

Pythagoras math problems

Pythagorean theorem

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