Interactive clock online

The adjustable clock
Learn to tell the time

Interactive clock online

The interactive clock now also has a real-time mode. In real time mode, the current time of your surroundings is displayed.

Learning to tell the time made easy – the adjustable clock for learning

Children learn to read and set the time of a clock in elementary school. The online interactive clock now makes it even easier.

We have revised and supplemented the interactive clock online. Now you can choose between many different layouts. We have also added the minute markers to the dial.

Simply click on the +/- signs of the minute hand and the star hand to set the desired time.

With the multilingual clock, you can also have the set time read out to you. Try it out!


Learning the interactive clock
– try it out directly

Here you can try out our interactive clock for setting directly. Or switch to a separate window to test the functions at your leisure. Or simply practise the time in detail. The interactive watch is ideal for learning online on a PC or tablet. We will be developing the customized apps for smartphones in the near future.

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Hours minutes

Many layouts for your interactive clock
for setting

You can open the interactive learning clock to the minute in different layouts in a separate window!

Change the time in minute increments.

An adjustable watch for smartphones is in preparation. These are optimized for PC and tablet.

Interactive clock online Superwoman


Start the interactive clock with Superwoman in a separate window!

Clock online with Superman


Start the interactive clock with Superman in a separate window!

Interactive clock online with the bee


Start the interactive clock with a bee in a separate window!

Clown watch


Start the interactive clock with a clown in a separate window!

Interactive clock 5 minutes

Change interactive clock online in steps of 5 minutes

You can always change this interactive learning clock in 5-minute steps with +/-.

Exercise in reverse: Take the worksheet and set the times on the interactive clock!

Do you already know …

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