TI-30X Prio
IQB pocket calculator
for the Abitur from 2030

TI-30X Prio IQB pocket calculator

The Texas Instruments IQB pocket calculator


From the 2030 examination year, only calculators certified by the IQB in Berlin will be permitted in Abitur examinations. The IT-30X Prio MathPrint(TM) is the IQB calculator from Texas Instruments. We have taken a close look at this scientific calculator for you. The user interface of this calculator has not changed much compared to the previous Texas Instruments models of the MathPrint(TM) series. So take a closer look and find out what’s new.

This model is only relevant in Germany, as it specifically meets the requirements of the IQB in Berlin(Institute for Quality Assurance in Education). Hence the new designation Prio for as a priority for the coming Abiture. Find out more about the TI-30X Prio manual!


TI-30X Prio manual online or would you prefer a reference guide in PDF format?

We have compiled the most important functions of the calculator for you here. You can find even more information in our PDF Reference Guide to the TI-30X Prio model on approx. 80 pages with many sample tasks.

Reading sample TI-30X Prio operating instructions

Reading sample p. 1-14 of our PDF tutorial

You can get an initial overview with the first 14 pages of our Quick Reference Guide to the CASIO. Simply download now.

TI-30X Prio manual as PDF operating instructions

TI-30X Prio Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

The Quick Reference Guide (80 pages, PDF) by Jörg Christmann is the TI-30X Prio manual and can be purchased as a download in the Mathefritz Shop or is also part of the online access to the WEB site Mathestunde.com.

Are you interested in this guide in your language? Send us an e-mail!

This PDF manual can also be purchased as a school license, with the school name in the footer of the document. Request by mail!

What can the Texas Instruments TI-30X Prio do?

How well do you know your way around? Here is a small first test, interactively created with H5P!

Try it out for yourself! Drag the corresponding character into the line for each function!



So, was everything right? If not, we have even more exercises for you!

TI-30X Prio calculator manual

What's new about the TI-30X Prio?

We have created a manual for the Texas Instruments IQB model with lots of sample tasks to help you get started quickly with the school calculator.

We have also created some online exercises. These exercises will help you understand the concept of the calculator even faster.

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